Our Story

How it all started...

The very beginnings of Pleasant Ridge Church date back to the early 1800’s when people were drawn to this beautiful place on top of a hill and came by horse and wagon to worship together under the giant oaks that provided shade and shelter.
As time moved on, God’s plan included the erection of a building dedicated to His worship.   A century and decades passed and the little Church weathered the test of time.  But then there came a time when a dry season came to this place where the Holy Spirit came to meet with the people. Nine years passed, the Spirit of Pleasant Ridge Center had gone silent as she watched and waited for her family to come home.  Things had happened, hearts were broken, her family became scattered far and wide to other places of worship beyond her borders.  Sadly, the Church found that all of those who designed and built her with the gifts of willing hands and the skills God placed in their minds, hearts and hands were gone and she was left alone.  The light on the hill was not completely out but it had grown very dim.   Some would say that they could sometimes sense the Holy Spirit on rare occasions when they walked the campgrounds, but the Spirit of Pleasant Ridge remained silent, watching, and waiting. 
     Five years passed.  Then God said, “Write a letter.”  For four years letters were written, time and time again, but the writer had a wrong heart and God turned His face from her letters and would not let them be mailed.  Finally in August of 2019, God spoke again, “Write a letter.”  There was a protest, “I have written letter after letter and you wouldn’t let me mail them.”   God answered, “I did not ask you to judge or condemn.  Write a letter.”   One more time, a letter was written.  This time the letter shared the stories of Pleasant Ridge, beginnings in the 1800’s, stories of Brush Arbor meetings under big oak trees, resulting in the site eventually being donated for the building of a church, people coming by horse and wagon, a saintly grandmother, who by lantern light, walked miles to church and picked up all the children along the way to take them with her and then walked them home again afterwards, about the camp of thirty-three years that thousands of children attended, a sanctuary, fellowship hall, gym,  camp facilities that were built by the labor from the hands of a small congregation.  The letter was ended with a question, “What will it take to put the church back in the hands of those who built it and love it?”
     Before the letter could be mailed, the Church complex now known as Pleasant Ridge Center was placed on the market for $700,000.  Still God said, “Mail the letter.”    In October, a meeting was held at the Church. God’s spirit filled the meeting place. Confessions of anger and bitterness were shared, tears of remorse were shed, forgiveness was sought and received on both sides.  The Holy Spirit was present, leading and having His way.  Hearts were healed and lives were changed.  
      Another meeting was planned to further discuss the future of the church. The process for returning Pleasant Ridge Center back to her family had begun.  The next meeting took place in November with two of the Directors of the Center.  The outcome from the meeting was the decision of two gracious hearts announcing that they were signing over the Center and all that was in it back to her family with no charge.  On December 18th, at 4:30pm, the papers were signed officially restoring the possession of Pleasant Ridge back to those who built and loved her.  God’s Miracle for Pleasant Ridge was fulfilled
      The Church of Second Chances was rebirthed with her first service being held on Christmas morning Christmas Day 2019  when many came to celebrate the birth of  our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The light on the hill is back on shining bright and every day God is revealing His plans and putting things in place so they can be fulfilled.  The arms of Pleasant Ridge Center are open wide and she is watching her family come home.   The Church of Second Chances was established

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